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Your Beauty, Your Choice: Now you can choose Halal!

Halal Beauty is Mikyajy’s biggest product revolution ever! With this makeup range, we bring to all you Glam Girls beauty in its cleanest form. It is our endeavour to empower you with purest beauty choices – makeup products that use Halal-certified ingredients as well as processes. It’s your beauty, and now you have a choice…

Desert-proof your beauty with Mikyajy’s Pro Active Range!

The best waterproof, sweat proof, humidity proof and transfer proof makeup. Mikyajy’s Pro Active Range is the best waterproof, sweat proof, humidity proof and transfer proof makeup for the region. Designed for women with an active lifestyle, a habitual gym-goer or simply living in hot and humid weather conditions, Pro Active Inkliner, Pro Active Microblade…

Your guide to the best eyeliners from the Eyeliner Expert!

Waterproof to desert proof, liquid liners to pencils, we’ve got you covered with Gulf’s best eyeliners! Eyeliners come in various formats now. There’s the regular eye pencil, the classic liquid liner and the gel liner that needs a precise eyeliner brush. And then there are multipurpose eyeliners that can double up as a kohl and…

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