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Ditch the Black Eyeliner for a Pop of Color!

Or add a bright dimension to your black cat eye or wing. Trust us it’s trending big time! Do you think you won’t be able to carry a colored eyeliner look or it’s not your style? Well, it’s time you rethink and reinvent your eye makeup routine. And we’re not saying it because it is […]

Decoding Mascara Wands! Which One’s Perfect For You?

Lashes, if done up correctly, make a remarkable style statement. All you need is the right mascara! All of us have struggled with finding the perfect mascara for our lashes, especially when beauty brands have a massive line up out there. Short or long, flat or curved, dense or sparse, a mascara can do wonders! […]

3 Mikyajy Waterproof Eye Products that should be in your makeup bag!

Eyeliner, Mascara and Brow Definer that won’t budge for a minimum of 12 hours! If you’ve ever had your mascara smudge because of hot weather or your eyeliner melt off in your sweat, it’s time for you to change your eye makeup to the region’s best – Mikyajy’s Pro Active Range! Pro Active Eye Makeup […]

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