Your Beauty, Your Choice: Now you can choose Halal!

Halal Beauty is Mikyajy’s biggest product revolution ever! With this makeup range, we bring to all you Glam Girls beauty in its cleanest form. It is our endeavour to empower you with purest beauty choices – makeup products that use Halal-certified ingredients as well as processes. It’s your beauty, and now you have a choice […]

Desert-proof your beauty with Mikyajy’s Pro Active Range!

The best waterproof, sweat proof, humidity proof and transfer proof makeup. Mikyajy’s Pro Active Range is the best waterproof, sweat proof, humidity proof and transfer proof makeup for the region. Designed for women with an active lifestyle, a habitual gym-goer or simply living in hot and humid weather conditions, Pro Active Inkliner, Pro Active Microblade […]

Your guide to the best eyeliners from the Eyeliner Expert!

Waterproof to desert proof, liquid liners to pencils, we’ve got you covered with Gulf’s best eyeliners! Eyeliners come in various formats now. There’s the regular eye pencil, the classic liquid liner and the gel liner that needs a precise eyeliner brush. And then there are multipurpose eyeliners that can double up as a kohl and […]

The global beauty brand, TheBalm is at Mikyajy now!

Here’s opening a world of cruelty-free, paraben-free and talc-free makeup. Mikyajy is super excited to have the popular and quirky beauty brand, theBalm Cosmetics, on board! theBalm believes in empowered glamour – feeling your best and looking incredible as you turn heads for all the right reasons. Their mission is to be there for you […]

Ditch the Black Eyeliner for a Pop of Color!

Or add a bright dimension to your black cat eye or wing. Trust us it’s trending big time! Do you think you won’t be able to carry a colored eyeliner look or it’s not your style? Well, it’s time you rethink and reinvent your eye makeup routine. And we’re not saying it because it is […]

Decoding Mascara Wands! Which One’s Perfect For You?

Lashes, if done up correctly, make a remarkable style statement. All you need is the right mascara! All of us have struggled with finding the perfect mascara for our lashes, especially when beauty brands have a massive line up out there. Short or long, flat or curved, dense or sparse, a mascara can do wonders! […]

3 Mikyajy Waterproof Eye Products that should be in your makeup bag!

Eyeliner, Mascara and Brow Definer that won’t budge for a minimum of 12 hours! If you’ve ever had your mascara smudge because of hot weather or your eyeliner melt off in your sweat, it’s time for you to change your eye makeup to the region’s best – Mikyajy’s Pro Active Range! Pro Active Eye Makeup […]

3 Easy Tricks to choose the right perfume for you!

If confidently choosing the perfect perfume for yourself has always eluded you, you’ve come to the right place! Read on. Getting it right with perfumes is tricky business. There’s always this pressure of finding a statement fragrance, especially with the zillions of options we have out there. Picking a fragrance online as well as in […]

9 Beauty Gift Ideas that will make her day absolutely special!

Special days aren’t special without a little celebration. And add to that celebration with the perfect beauty gifts for your loved ones. Confused as always about what to get your mom for her birthday, or your wife for your anniversary, or your daughter for her graduation? We’re here to make it super easy for you. […]

5 Steps to Gorgeous Nails – Easy Manicure at Home

 If you think you can’t have an impeccable DIY manicure, you’ve come to the right place! We promise you an easy step-by-step manicure as well as a fun me-time. Want to avoid that expensive salon trip because you’re low on cash or because you’re skeptical about salon hygiene in these times? Well, it’s always the […]


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