Halal Beauty is Mikyajy’s biggest product revolution ever! With this makeup range, we bring to all you Glam Girls beauty in its cleanest form. It is our endeavour to empower you with purest beauty choices – makeup products that use Halal-certified ingredients as well as processes. It’s your beauty, and now you have a choice to go for absolute purity! Our Halal-certified makeup range is 100% free of harmful ingredients and animal derivatives. It does not compromise the performance or longevity of wear Click here to see Mikyajy’s entire Halal-Certified Makeup range!

Let’s explore more about Mikyajy’s Halal-certified makeup range!

What does Halal Certified Makeup mean? 

A stamp of purity!

The end-to-end production process, from our ingredients, to our manufacturing and warehousing facilities are 100% certified by a Gulf certification authority, ESMA, recognized by Governments across the GCC, including Saudi Arabian authority SASO. 

This certification guarantees the following: 

•           No animal derivatives 

•           Free of harmful ingredients like alcohol, which can cause drying of the skin

•           Cruelty Free

Do Halal-certified makeup products have the same performance as non-Halal products? 

Yes, the performance of every Halal certified product (such as waterproof, smudge-proof, long wearability etc.) is absolutely uncompromised! 

Are the Halal-certified products Wudu-friendly? 

The certification of Halal on our products is for the production process and ingredients used. We, as Mikyajy, by law are not authorized to guide you on religious practice. Whether you decide to wear it for your religious rituals is absolutely your personal choice. 

Is Halal-certified same as vegan/cruelty-free/clean beauty? 

Halal beauty is 100% cruelty-free. 

Some Halal-certified products are vegan, and some are not. Some ingredients that are vegan do not meet the Halal standards. And some ingredients permitted by the Halal standards are not vegan. (For eg: Honey, which is obtained from bees, is not vegan. But Honey is a Halal ingredient). Halal certification is in fact a superior stamp of purity and credibility. 

Click here to see Mikyajy’s entire Halal-Certified Makeup range!

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