Waterproof to desert proof, liquid liners to pencils, we’ve got you covered with Gulf’s best eyeliners!

Eyeliners come in various formats now. There’s the regular eye pencil, the classic liquid liner and the gel liner that needs a precise eyeliner brush. And then there are multipurpose eyeliners that can double up as a kohl and an eyeshadow for a smokey eye look! There are eyeliners that are long wear, waterproof, intensely pigmented, colored, matte, glossy, smudge proof, the list goes on. 

To sum it up, we’re spoilt for choice with some awesome eyeliners out there. And at the same time, we’re endlessly confused to pick the right one too. Here’s your quick guide to picking the right eyeliners for your unique needs and desired look. Mikyajy has an extensive range of the Gulf’s Best Eyeliners, and we promise you can’t go wrong if you use this super easy guide.

You need a smoky eye look in under 5 minutes:

Line & Shadow Kohl Pencil comes in 12 super smudgy colors.

Mikyajy’s best selling eye pencil belongs in every girl’s handbag! Line & Shadow Kohl Pencil is an everyday staple of the quintessential Khaleeji girl. Very versatile in its usage, the pencil can be applied to simply define the eyes, and has a cute lil applicator for a quick smoky look. 

The pencil is super creamy and smudgy that makes it the perfect candidate to define eyes of every shape. It’s available in 12 trendy shades. You can mix and match colors as well as use them with eyeshadows to create a more intense smoky eye look.

You’re a liner perfectionist:

Super precise and long wear Ultra Gloss and Ultra Matte Precision Liquid Eyeliners

Shine your way through with this glossy wonder! Mikyajy’s 22K Ultra Gloss Precision Liquid Eyeliner is waterproof and smudge-proof with an ultra-precise applicator. Get rock-n-rolling with a glossy wing or cat eye. Slay it with this super precise, super black and super long-lasting liquid eyeliner. Another one for liner pros is Mikyajy’s 22K Ultra Matte Precision Liquid Eyeliner. It’s waterproof and smudge-proof with a beautiful matte finish.

You’re an outdoorsy person with a busy routine:

Waterproof, sweat proof, humidity proof, transfer proof – In short, DESERT PROOF Pro Active eyeliners

Mikyajy’s 22K Pro Active Inkliner and an active lifestyle are a match made in heaven! It is a waterproof inkliner that glides perfectly to create intense, matte lines that last up to 12 hours without smudging or fading. Your go-to desert-proof eyeliner for an active routine. It’s sweat proof and humidity proof.Gym it out with confidence cz this pencil will not let you down! Mikyajy’s 22K Pro Active Eyeliner Pencil is infused with rich black pigments and ingredients that make it last up to 24 hours without melting away. Waterproof and smudge-proof, this pencil is perfect for hot climates as well. It is suitable to use along the waterline.

You’ve got sensitive eyes:

Mikyajy’s Caring Eyeliner to the rescue!

If you’re one of those whose eyes start itching and twitching and watering when you apply an eye pencil, Mikyajy’s Line & Care Kohl Pencil is for you! Made from natural ingredients, this pencil is absolutely safe to use, even along the waterline and delicate areas of your eyes. A small applicator on the other end of the pencil helps you create a super quick smokey eye.If you’re a sucker for liquid eyeliner, be fearless when using Mikyajy’s Caring Eyeliner! Specially formulated for sensitive skin type, this liner is long-lasting, transfer-proof and gives a deep black matte finish.

You love super intense lash lines:

Mikyajy’s super pigmented and waterproof Line & Kajal Eye Pencil

Go extra bold and sassy with Mikyajy’s Line & Kajal Eye Pencil! Get intensely defined eyes with this 2-in-1 eyeliner and kajal pencil that delivers one stroke, long lasting color. Suitable to use on the waterline, it renders a gorgeous black color. It is super precise and waterproof.

You’d like an all-in-one product for a gorgeous eye look:

Multi-purpose eyeliners! Just one is enough for a customized eye look.

Customize your eye look with Mikyajy’s Custom Eyes 3in1 Liquid Liner! It’s the very FIRST multi-use and waterproof liquid gel in the Gulf that can be used as an eyeliner, a kohl on the waterline and smudged as an eyeshadow. It is intensely black, smudge proof, transfer proof, water resistant and long wear. 

It is infused with mango and organic jojoba seed oil for moisturizing and smoothing results. It also contains vitamin C and chamomile for anti aging results. It has a special velvet tip that ensures a smooth application.

Your style, Mikyajy’s expertise!