Or add a bright dimension to your black cat eye or wing. Trust us it’s trending big time!

Do you think you won’t be able to carry a colored eyeliner look or it’s not your style? Well, it’s time you rethink and reinvent your eye makeup routine. And we’re not saying it because it is trending on the runway at the New York or Paris Fashion Week. For the foreseeable future, we are all going to be wearing masks, thanks to COVID-19. So while your luscious lips are going to be veiled away, why not have some fun with the age-old eyeliner styles?

It’s absolutely easy to make a quirky statement effortlessly. The trick is to ace the pop of color on your eyes and complement it by keeping the rest of your makeup to a bare minimum for a strong punch.

Here are some ways you can achieve this:

1.   A monotone smoky eye look: Achieve this with a strong swipe of bright color across your lids up to a little above your crease. It could be a color matching your outfit or contrasting it. Use an eyeshadow stick or colored kohl eye pencil and slightly smudge it out. Top it up with a matching matte or metallic eyeshadow color for intensity.

2.   A defined waterline: Simply line the waterlines of your eyes with a bright color using a colored eye pencil. You can do either the upper lash line or the lower, and not both together. Remember – LESS IS MORE. Super quick, definitely handy when you’re traveling or in a rush, and could fit in your wallet!

3.   Electric blue or green: While electric colors have been in trend for a while now, what’s hot is a bold winged liner that lines both the top and bottom lash lines. You can achieve this using a colored liquid liner or simply mixing a little water in your powdered eyeshadow with a fine eyeliner brush.

4.   Brighten those corners of the eyes: A big bright pop of eyeshadow on the inner corners of the eyes is the most minimalistic and yet, a very glamorous way to flaunt your unique style and taste! The trick is to get the symmetry right – equal color, intensity and shape on both the sides.

5.   Go graphic: Create absolutely stunning eyeliner styles on your eyelids with super precise liquid liners or pots of creamy gels and an eyeliner brush. Let your inner makeup artist unravel herself.

BONUS: Color the crease and join it to your wings!

Some negative space on the lids looks super glam and fashionable! For this, you need a small eyeshadow brush and a precise eyeliner brush. The look can be achieved using your favorite eyeshadow or eye pencils. You’ll hit a home run if you use a super metallic shade!

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