Lashes, if done up correctly, make a remarkable style statement. All you need is the right mascara!

All of us have struggled with finding the perfect mascara for our lashes, especially when beauty brands have a massive line up out there. Short or long, flat or curved, dense or sparse, a mascara can do wonders! It’s almost like finding the perfect foundation shade or impeccable red lip color for your skin tone – It makes a hell lot of a difference.

And it’s not as difficult as you think. If you’re smart about it, your friends will be asking your secret to your gorgeous lashes at your next get-together.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while picking a mascara out for yourself:

1.       Short lashes:

Have you ever wished you had your brother’s long and panned out lashes which, for some reason, he inherited genetically instead of you? Well, there’s no need to feel bad anymore. All you need is a volumizing and lengthening mascara that has super black pigment and is slightly thick in its formulation. The wand bristles need to be thin and firm, so that you have better control over your application. An hourglass shape of the wand would be cherry on the cake, as that helps reach tiny corner lashes as well!

Here’s our recommendation:

Mikyajy’s 22K Bold Lash Volume Mascara! Loaded with hyper black pigments, the specially designed stiff fiber hourglass brush renders a gorgeous volume and color to the lashes with a maxi-lash effect! 

2.       Long lashes:

Let’s just say you are BLESSED! All you have to do is tame the length of your lashes. Make sure that the wand you select is NOT very dense with its bristles – that will volumize your lashes to the point of clumping. The formulation needs to creamy for smooth application along the length and easy customization. You can use a lifting mascara to comb your lashes outwards and create a “winged eye” effect!

Here’s our recommendation:

Mikyajy’s 3D Volume Mascara not only gives a gorgeous volume to the lashes, but also gives it a lift and renders a curl so strong, the lashes pop out with a perfect fan shape. Formulation contains castor oil for super shiny lashes.

3.       Flat lashes (difficult to curl):

Yes, there’s a fix! There always is. First and foremost, you should get an eyelash curler. That’s going to be your saviour! Use the curler with a little heat from your hair dryer (be careful here! Don’t burn your eyelid) to curl the flatness out. Then, use a dual-action mascara – one that can lengthen (or volumize) and (lift or curl). First, lengthen you lashes using a wand that is tall with short bristles. This gives great definition to the lash length. Next, add some dimension to your lashes using a lifting or curling mascara. The layers of mascara will automatically add volume as well.

Here’s our recommendation:

22K Lash Perfection 5in1 Mascara is gonna be your BFF! The unique design of the brush adds super volume, length, curl, elevation and definition to the lashes.

4.       Sparse lashes:

You’re going to bat those lashes with extreme confidence if you use this simple trick! Just use a false lash effect mascara. The wand needs to have this particular shape to give you good control over application on short lash hair. And once, one coat is perfectly applied, use the lower part of the wand to volumize and create a panoramic lash effect.

Here’s our recommendation:

Mikyajy’s 22K Extreme False Lash Effect Mascara is an extremely lifting and volumizing mascara for even the shortest and most sparse lashes.

5.       Unhealthy lash hair:

This is where a great formulation will help you more than the wand itself. You can use a volumizing wand with thick bristles to mask unruly lashes. But invest in a formulation that is nourishing and strengthening for the lash hair. As mascara is applied right from roots to tip, a caring product could do wonders in bringing back the health and shine to your lashes.

Here’s our recommendation:

Mikyajy’s Volume & Strength Mascara gives buildable volume and contains lash strengthening properties. Its single-feed groove allows for a smooth application without clumps.

BONUS TIP: How can we forget the age-old and ever-so-popular Waterproof Mascara formulations! It’s a must to have one of these especially in the hot summers we have. Do keep in mind your wand shape while buying a waterproof mascara.