Special days aren’t special without a little celebration. And add to that celebration with the perfect beauty gifts for your loved ones.

Confused as always about what to get your mom for her birthday, or your wife for your anniversary, or your daughter for her graduation? We’re here to make it super easy for you. Shop online for these beauties and save on time as well as money. Let’s get right to your choices:

1. Silver Star: Everyday natural look, party look, fairytale bridal look OR the current NYFW looks! Ace it all with this all-in-one treasure trunk! Silver Star is a star when it comes to a perfect gifting solution. Re-usable as a makeup organizer.

2. Lip Kits: Does your loved one love Lipsticks? Well then you’re going to make their day! Pick from the range of lip kits that range from a collection of matte lipsticks to liquid lipsticks to shiny glosses!

3. Fragrance Gifts: You can never go wrong with perfumes, body mists, body lotions and shovel gels! Here’s a range of bath and body gift sets to surprise your dear ones.

4. Mini palettes: Looking to celebrate the smaller achievements and occasions? Take your pick from these mini makeup treats!

5. Eyeshadow palettes: This is hands-down the perfect gift for girls that love eye makeup! And Mikyajy’s collection of eyeshadow palettes is sure to have something for every style out there.

6. Luxurious Perfumes: Celebrating the big romantic moments? Well, the gift needs to be extra special. Choose from our Prestige fragrances, a range where the French love meets Arabian luxury, specially designed for exclusive occasions.

7. Supermodel: This is perfect for someone who’s just starting out with makeup or is a complete novice. This gigantic palette is an explosion of colors! It’s a perfect stepping stone for someone who’s experimenting with their looks and finding their own personality and style.

8. Amira: This is your all-in-one gift for an uber makeup fangirl! Whether she prefers a full insta-glam look or naturally elegant makeup for special occasions, this make up box will celebrate her style. It comes with a complete set for contouring, color-correcting and strobing for a selfie ready portrait. She can add instant drama to her eyes with a range of matte and iridescent eyeshadows. The kit comes with a French manicure kit as well!

9. Customize!: No one knows your loved ones better than you. Why not put something together that’s as per her preferences? Mikyajy has a range of eyeliners, mascaras, lipsticks, highlighters, blushes, EDTs, EDPs, makeup accessories and more for you to pick and choose from.

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