Eyeliner, Mascara and Brow Definer that won’t budge for a minimum of 12 hours!

If you’ve ever had your mascara smudge because of hot weather or your eyeliner melt off in your sweat, it’s time for you to change your eye makeup to the region’s best – Mikyajy’s Pro Active Range! Pro Active Eye Makeup is specially designed and formulated keeping in mind the quintessential Middle Eastern woman, who loves her eyeliner and mascara, is out and about with her friends, works out regularly and does not want to compromise on the way she looks every single time.

Let’s dive right into these DESERT-PROOF

1.       Pro Active Eye Pencil:

Gym it out with confidence because Mikyajy’s bestselling eye pencil will not let you down! Mikyajy’s 22K Pro Active Eyeliner Pencil is infused with rich black pigments and ingredients that make it last up to 24 hours without melting away! Waterproof and smudge-proof, this pencil is perfect for hot climates as well. It is suitable to use along the waterline as well.

2.       Pro Active Inkliner:

Get inked with Mikyajy’s new Pro Active Inkliner! Designed for women with an active lifestyle, a habitual gym goer or simply living in hot and humid weather conditions. Her go-to desert-proof eyeliner for an active routine. It lasts up to 12 hours and is waterproof, sweat proof and intensely pigmented. Your savior in a hot city for sure!

3.       Pro Active Microblade Browliner:

Outline, comb & fill in one go! Precisely define brows with Mikyajy’s new Pro Active Microblade Browliner. It’s all you need for brows on-fleek. The 3-point applicator ensures even distribution of the product over the brows while combing through brow hair for perfection! It is waterproof, smudge proof and does not feather.

BONUS: An eye look is incomplete without…
You guessed it right…a mascara!

How could we have the region’s most potent eye makeup range with waterproof mascara! Mikyajy’s Pro Active Volume Mascara is for those with an active lifestyle, cz it’s water-resistant, humidity proof and sweat proof! Enriched with Omega Oil for healthy lashes, this mascara renders a pitch-black color with superb volume & thickness. On the run is all the more fun with this one!

So live your life without worrying about your eye makeup because we guarantee it won’t smudge, melt or get washed away!